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  1. There are plenty of seeds to sow in June despite the weather warming up considerably. 

    Here is a list of vegetable and herbs you may like to try in 2022:

    Radishes are an old favourite that plug up gaps while waiting for your other vegetables to grow

    Cress for those egg sandwiches are an ideal crop for young children to get involved in the salad growing. 

    Asparagus peas are an unusual variety that is eaten like a mangetout.

    Beetroot can be sown from spring to early summer. 

    Broad bean Sutton dwarf produce abundant crops right through to September. 

    Carrots are also another great crop to sow in June, producing harvests up to November with successional sowings.

    The weather is warming and getting out in the garden is a great fun family activity - why not try your hand at growing a few seeds.


  2. Forget-me-nots are one of the pleasures of spring. They suddenly appear and their lovely pale blue, pink eyed flowers really tell that spring is well and truly here. They give clumps and cushions of colour in unlikely places, including between paving slabs and in the middle of displays of other plants and this habit is why many people consider them a pest. As soon as the flowers are over, forget-me-not shed millions of tiny seeds and they have an amazingly high germination rate, meaning that one forget-me-not plant can soon rule your garden. Harden your heart and pull out any plants in the wrong place but certainly make sure you dead head them at the very least before they can set seed, or your gardening hours will all be spent tracking them down and pulling them out – and still  you will have forget-me-nots in your garden. This perhaps explains their name – you will never forget the person who gave you your first forget-me-not plant!

    forget me not field Myosotis-arvensis