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  1. Seeds to sow in the coming month - June

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    There are plenty of seeds to sow in June despite the weather warming up considerably. 

    Here is a list of vegetable and herbs you may like to try in 2021:

    Radishes are an old favourite that plug up gaps while waiting for your other vegetables to grow

    Cress for those egg sandwiches are an ideal crop for young children to get involved in the salad growing. 

    Asparagus peas are an unusual variety that is eaten like a mangetout.

    Beetroot can be sown from spring to early summer. 

    Broad bean Sutton dwarf produce abundant crops right through to September. 

    Carrots are also another great crop to sow in June, producing harvests up to November with successional sowings.

    The weather is warming and getting out in the garden is a great fun family activity - why not try your hand at growing a few seeds.


  2. Gardening with children

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    Most children, when given half the chance, love gardening and being outdoors in the garden. What better way to get them to eat vegetables than to have them help grow them. Wether you are in the garden or down at the allotment there are plenty of tasks that children can help out with.

    Including but not limited to - Sowing, deadheading, sweeping, harvesting, watering.

    If you are feeling adventurous maybe assign part of the garden as their very own patch to tend to and love and care for. What ideas have you come up with for your children in the garden? I'd love to hear about them !

    For more ideas and tips check out our gardening with children pages

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