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  1. Spring has sprung !

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    Flowers are blooming and the sun has begun to shine, this can only mean one thing ... spring has finally sprung.

    May can be a busy month in the garden, seedlings needing care and attention, fillng the gaps in your borders and sowing of vegetables and herbs.

    Don't forget with all this hard work to enjoy your garden and any nice weather we have.

    Take a look at our in depth guide to what jobs can be completed in May

  2. Jobs for September

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    Check out our summary of jobs for you to enjoy during September

    September is when the garden starts to loo truely beautiful - the autumnal colours start to fill the garden.

    It is also the month where you could make a start trimming back, removing spent annuals, start collecting seed for next year

    and generally evaluate your garden for what you may want to try next year!