Childrens Gardening tips

Children in the garden

For a garden that the whole family can enjoy, include safe, hard-wearing and imaginative play spaces. Also try to provide room for children to grow their own plants, introducing them to a lifetime of gardening enjoyment. Children allowed to play freely outside the house and given their own piece of ground are more likely to develop an interest in the garden than if it is 'out of bounds' .

  • Young children enjoy simple supervised tasks such as deadheading (removing faded flower heads) or watering plants . 
  • Older children can sweep paths and rake leaves or lawn clippings.
  • And children of all ages enjoy harvesting home-grown vegetable crops. They could also pick nice flowers for the table decorations at Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day etc.


For a child's garden choose a sheltered, sunny, level spot with good soil. Clearly mark the boundaries where their garden is. For young children - dig over the soil over, enrich, weed and level the soil in advance before handing it over. If there isn't any suitable open ground perhaps provide a large tub, wheelbarrow, sink-garden or window-box instead. 

Plants for children to try 



  Ornamental sweetcorn

  Pak choi


  RED Carrots





Broad beans





Spring onion



Seeds for All the plants mentioned above and many more can be found at our seed store.



For young children tools can come from items around the home :

  • An old dessert spoon and baby fork is suitable for a pretend fork and spade. 
  • A washing up liquid bottle with some extra holes can become a watering can
  • Mini greenhouses can easily be made from transparent plastic bottles
  • Even egg boxes can come in handy to use as pots and seed trays.