Gardening projects for children

Green haired friend

Empty an egg and wash the shell. Fill with compost and sow some cress seeds on top. Use a felt tip pen and draw a face on the shell and stand it in an egg cup. After a few days, your children will be delighted to find they have a new friend with long green hair.

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Avocado tree Avacado plant  

Insert three cocktail sticks into an avocado stone just above the base, then suspend over water with the base immersed

After several weeks, each stone should produce roots and a shoot, at which time it should be potted up. To encourage bushy growth, pinch out the growing tip when it is about 15cm (6 inches) high   

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Floral giants

Your children and their friends can each plant a sunflower seed, then enjoy the excitement of waiting to see whose will grow the tallest. They will be intrigued to see the plant grow taller than themselves.

Maybe have a prize for

  • The sunflower race winner !
  • The first flower to open !
  • A bonus prize if anyone gets an unusual colour etc

It will also be lots of fun !

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