Fencing services

Fencing is generally erected for privacy and decorative purposes.

Fences look there best if they are maintained at least annually with a fresh coat of preservative or paint. Regular upkeep of a fence will also make it last much longer  Remember to allow access for painting /preserving.

Wooden fences are quick to erect and are more attractive than wire fences but do need regular maintenance. Do not use creosote to preserve fences it is poisonous to plants.

  • have a think before hand about what size fence you may need.- generally boundary fences are 4 foot, 5 foot or 6 foot
  • will you want concrete slotted posts or wooden posts - wooden posts are cheaper but unless they are regulary treated concrete posts usually last longer
  • How about gravel boards ? a gravel board will raise the fence of the ground and is recommended to prolong the life of your fence.
  • What style fence - Boundary style Lap fence panels or feather edge ? or a decorative picket fence ?
  • Will trellising be needed for along the top ? to create extra privacy

We can supply and erect most types of fences , trellising and gates  -

Basic lap fences to decorative picket fence boundaries with or without trellising.

*Please note we cannot supply our fencing services at this time, sorry for any inconvenience*


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