Lawn and grass maintenance

A well kept lawn can make a huge difference to how a garden looks.

We offer a range of lawn services

 Lay a new lawn (ground preparation and laying of turf)

Lawn edging

 Lawn Feeding

 Scarifying and reseeding

 Full autumn conditioning *

 Mowing - regular or one-offs 

Leaves removed - when autumn arrives and leaves have fallen prioritise removing the leaves off the grass/lawn , even a thin layer reduces light and causes grass to yellow.

Leaves left on delicate plants can cause them to rot so remove them as soon as possible 

Leaves that fall around shrubs can be left to break down naturally. Just ensure that they aren’t heaped around the base of main stems, as this could encourage rot.

Telephone for a free no obligation quote for any of the services above

◊ Lawns mowed , leaf clearance , turfing , etc

* Full autumn conditioning includes

  • Removal of dead grass , moss etc 
  • Aeration
  • Top dressing lawn if required
  • Re-seed if required

*Please note we cannot supply our Lawn services at this time, sorry for any inconvenience*