Square Foot gardening

Square foot gardening is a concept developed by Mel Bartholomew back in 1976 !

It is a popular method of growing your own produce cheaply and easily. Conventional vegetable plots waste a lot of garden space and seeds - also everything in neat rows start ripening all at the same time.

With square foot gardening you get a manageable plot with enough produce to feed an average sized family - less work and less cost.

Square foot gardening

The plot in the above picture is 4'x4'  -  Fixed together into a bottomless box - filled with good quality compost .Then you need to markout your square foot grid - using batten or string/twine  Each square is 1 foot by 1 foot [a square foot]. Each square foot is then ready to be sown with your seeds.

In each square sow one variety

  • Extra Large plants - 1 plant per square [Broccoli , cauliflower cabbage etc]
  • Large plants - 4 plants per square [Lettuce, marigold, parsley etc]
  • Medium plants - 9 plants per square [Bush bean,spinach,beets etc]
  • Small plants - 16 plants per square [Carrots,Radishes,onions etc]

Only sow what you are likely to use - therefore no waste ! If you don't like broccoli dont grow it - save that square for a food crop you do eat.

Also think about how much of each crop you want each year / season and dont sow all the seed for each variety right away. Successional sowing is far better - sow one lot of radish seed then two weeks later sow some more this enables you to harvest your radish contiuously rather than bunches of bunches of radish all in one harvest.

When you have completely harvested one variety sow another variety in the square. Crop rotation is virtually eliminated as you can change the crop with each new sowing.

for example First root crop, then fruit crop and then a leaf crop.

Give it a go - fresh veg taste so much better than supermarket purchased vegetables