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Broad bean seeds

Broad beans Imperial Longpod green


Pot english Marigold seeds

 Pot English Marigold seeds


Borecole green curly kale

Borecole Dwarf green curled


3 packs Radish seeds

3 packs Radish seeds


We are a UK based seed supplier that has over 20 years experience in the gardening industry. Selling vegetable seeds, herb seeds and flowers seeds at affordable prices for a number of years. We are Defra/FERA licensed and registered seed number 07606.

We also sell a small selection of gardening accessories and gifts including gloves and labels.

Some vegetables and herbs that can be sown during May - including but not limited to - Carrots, chives, coriander, cucumber, lettuces and many many more.

Coriander seeds

Versatile kitchen herb , Very easy to grow and ideal for the kitchen windowsill.

Outdoor sowings can be made from spring to  summer.

Sow indoors - All year round

Carrot seeds

A selection of Carrot seeds chosen especially for you to grow your own.

Garlic chives

Also known as Chinese chives
Similar in appearance to regular chives, garlic chives have longer, wider, and flatter leaves with a pronounced garlic flavour and aroma.