Moose seeds is a UK based seed supplier that has over 20 years experience in the gardening industry. Selling vegetable seeds, herb seeds and flowers seeds at affordable prices for a number of years. Defra/FERA licensed and registered seed number 07606.

Moose seeds also sells a small selection of gardening accessories and gifts including gloves and labels.

Some vegetables and herbs that can be sown during December - including but not limited to - Peas, carrot paris market, chives, cress,  and many many more.

Chive seeds

Delicate onion taste and decorative flowers. A popular versatile herb, Ideal in salads, scrambled eggs,mashed potatoes, cheese on toast, pies or just about anywhere you want a hint of onion. Wonderful emerald green colour.

Carrot seeds

Cauliflowers are an easy crop to grow and are ideal for children to try. 

Radish seeds

Radishes are a great successional crop that are pefect for marking rows. Harvestable within a few weeks