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Moose seeds is a UK based seed supplier that has over 20 years experience in the gardening industry. Selling vegetable seeds, herb seeds and flowers seeds at affordable prices for a number of years. Defra/FERA licensed and registered seed number 07606.

Moose seeds also sells a small selection of gardening accessories and gifts including gloves and labels.

Some vegetables that can be sown during February - including but not limited to - Brussels, Broad beans, chilli peppers, Leeks, strawberries and many more

Broad Bean seeds

Large seeded selection. The standard variety for overwintering. Very good cold tolerance, semi compact plants with high yields of pods containing 6-7 white beans per pod. Grows to approximately 90cm in height.

Chilli seeds

A selection of Chilli pepper seeds chosen especially for you to grow your own hot and sweet peppers. There are many chillies to get started in february.

Strawberry seeds

Ideal for growing in pots and tubs on the patio, can even be grown in hanging baskets or open ground alike.