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Artichoke - Violet de Provence Seeds

Artichoke - Violet de Provence Seeds

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A purple globe variety, similar to Green Globe in habit, but with a finer flavour, and attractive large purple thistle-like flower heads. Delicious medium sized globes. An unusual perennial.

Qty - 10 seeds

How to grow artichokes
Sow indoors Feb-May on surface, lightly cover with compost. Place in warmth 10-15C, keep moist. Transplant seedlings individually to 8 cm pots. Sow outdoors Apr - Jun thinly in a shallow, pre-watered row. Lightly cover with soil. Transplant to cropping position from mid-summer, allow 90 cm between plants. They prefer an open, sunny spot with well-drained soil. Harvest Jul - Sept – crop for 4-5 years

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