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Borage - Borago officinalis Seeds

Borage - Borago officinalis Seeds

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Borage seeds

Annual: Bushy plant with large bristly hairy leaves. Height 30-50cm. Useful for beekeepers. Used for flavouring cordials

borage is a beautiful and useful herb to grow in the garden. The herb originates in the Mediterranean and central Europe. It is a sturdy annual plant, covered with stiff, prickly white hairs. It grows to around 30cm tall and produces large, dark green leaves with pointed tips Borage is a fantastic source of nectar for bees and other insects. It makes a good companion plant to have in the vegetable garden as the insects it attracts make good pollinators for crops such as tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes. Borage is incredibly easy to grow.

It does well in herb gardens or containers, but has a tendency to spread quite rapidly.

Qty - 100 Borage seeds

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