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Chilli Pepper - Hungarian Hot Wax Seeds

Chilli Pepper - Hungarian Hot Wax Seeds

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Hungarian Hot Wax has fruits that start off sweet and gradually get hotter as they mature. Grown for its fiery heat. They are grown in the same way as sweet peppers but the fruit can be picked at any stage, when the colour is green or red. 'Hungarian Hot Wax' is a thick-walled variety with spicy fruit that turn from pale yellow to red.

An easy chilli to grow and a prolific grower. When the fruit is immature it's yellow and when it ripens it goes apricot, orange and then red. It's a very reliable variety to grow year in year out and good for novices. It can be used for its heat value which increases when ripening and is a really good size for stuffing as it has a bigger pod.

The medium sized plants do well in containers as long as they get some support. Hungarian Hot Wax is user friendly and versatile

Quantity - 15 seeds

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