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Foxglove - Digitalis Foxy Seeds Dwarf Mix

Foxglove - Digitalis Foxy Seeds Dwarf Mix

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Popular dwarf variety - Foxgloves quickly form colourful clumps to liven up areas of light shade, attracting masses of bees. Colorful, prolific, and long-blooming,

Foxy is a dwarf variety which produces flowers in shades of pink to white with contrasting mottled throats. Invaluable for exposed sites. The flowers are useful for cutting.

Flowers summer. Height 65cm (26in).

For flowering in the same season sow in early spring in good free draining seed compost, just covering the seed with compost. 1.5mm (1/8in) deep in well prepared seed bed, and transplant when large enough to handle, 'Foxy' will flower in early summer the next season.

One of the best flowers available for shade is foxglove (Digitalis) Unlike most biennial foxgloves, `Foxy' flowers during its first growing season. It can therefore be treated as an annual - or if you are lucky enough to have it survive the winter - as a biennial.

CAUTION: All Parts Are Poisonous

Quantity - 1000 seeds

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