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Lettuce - Mixed Salad Leaves - 500 Seeds

Lettuce - Mixed Salad Leaves - 500 Seeds

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A wonderful blend of salad leaves which will add texture, colour and flavour to your salad bowl. A range of varieties all developed for baby leaf production. All feature excellent colour and texture, plus high levels of mildew resistance.

Also suitable for whole head production. Varieties will grow at different rates giving a different salad at each cut and a longer harvest. Lettuce are a vegetable that grow best in cooler conditions -

They also like lots of rain so keep them moist by watering regularly.They are not fussy about soil type as long as it is able to hold water. Their ideal is a soil which is well-drained and well-dug, clay soil which has been broken down with lots of peat is excellent.

Ideal for successional sowing

Qty - 500 seeds

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