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Marigold Seeds - Calendula officinalis - Pot English Marigold Seeds

Marigold Seeds - Calendula officinalis - Pot English Marigold Seeds

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Calendula officinalis Having Orange flowers that can be used in salads. Pot marigold a well known plant, the petals can add orange colour to rice and other dishes, the petals have a delicate taste. A good companion plant to grow alongside tomatoes, cucumber and asparagus. Hardy Annual Sow Pot Marigold seed in spring for late summer flowering or autumn for early flowering the following year. Pot Marigolds have very soft leaves and butter-coloured flowers that may be yellow to orange and some are double

Ideal plant for a wildlife garden - They are very attractive to insects, especially butterflies that visit to drink nectar. Seeds itself readily – remember to pick seeds heads if you don’t want it to self seed Companion planting Pot Marigold makes an ideal companion plant for Tomato ,cucumber and asparagus plants as it helps repel : Tomato Worm, Asparagus Beetles, Whitefly

Qty - 40 Seeds

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