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Parsley - Plain leaved Seeds

Parsley - Plain leaved Seeds

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Strong growing Flat Leaved (Plain leaved) parsley indispensable for a huge range of dishes, sauces, salads and as garnish. Dark green leaves stand well in condition without yellowing; good winter hardiness.

Companion plant - Parsley is widely used as a companion plant in gardens. Like many other umbellifers, it attracts predatory insects, including wasps and predatory flies to gardens, which then tend to protect plants nearby. They are especially useful for protecting tomato plants, for example the wasps that kill tomato hornworms also eat nectar from parsley. While parsley is biennial, not blooming until its second year, even in its first year it is reputed to help cover up the strong scent of the tomato plant, reducing pest attraction.

Qty - 400 seeds

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