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Tomato - Super Marmande - Beefsteak Tomato Seeds

Tomato - Super Marmande - Beefsteak Tomato Seeds

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Large, somewhat uneven fruited variety. Very well flavoured. Strong, vigorous plants

Open pollinated variety - indeterminate - Semi-Bush (Semi-Determinate). The favourite large-fruited tomato of Provence. Tomato Super Marmande is distinguished by its irregular cushion shape and touch of pink on the shoulders. Super Marmande is large, juicy, well flavoured fruit and a great improvement over an already excellent variety. The huge, meaty fruit on this improved continental beefsteak tomato has a superb super-sweet flavour.

It has an irregular shape and is ideal for salads, sandwiches and great for cooking too.

Ideal tomato for beginners and children.

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